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I have a variety of interests and maintain separate areas for each - please click on a link above for the item that interests you most. I can also be contacted by email at karl@karlwilcox.com.

If you don't know what you are looking for, here is a brief guide to some of the areas:

A suite of tools to create shields by typing in their blazon, or choosing from a kit of parts. Also includes a recognition quiz and a random shield generator.
A project to document all of the heraldry to be found in and around Lincoln Cathedral.
A searchable, hyper-linked illustrated dictionary of Heraldry based on an 1894 original
A guide to some of the heraldry books available from archive.org and google books.
I am grateful to coadb.com for making a contribution towards the running costs of the heraldry sites.
OU Students
A place to store files too large for the OU forums. Of interest only to my own students on these modules.
Art & Graphics
Examples in various electronic and paper media of my artwork, none of it particularly good but I enjoyed creating it...