Software Development

The DrawShield suite of programs, a world-leading set of tools for heraldic art has at its heart a large (10,000+ line) PHP program, which is called via AJAX from JavaScript embedded within WordPress pages. The program was featured in a “Family History” magazine article and described as “very clever”.

The main part of the DrawShield engine has also been ported to iOS using Swift, although this project is currently on hold as I found Swift to be something of a moving target and I am waiting for the language and development environment to stabilise and not need a 2.5Gb download every time I came back to do some work on it!

The DrawShield engine has also been re-implemented in Java using a library of professional drawn graphical elements for a private client.

As a personal project I have implemented an AIML interpreter (AI Markup Language) for conversational “bots” in PHP including an innovative and compact data structure for the “brain” that can used in stateless HTTP transactions with very little overhead.

Web Site Development

I am currently providing support and development services for the commercial site, including a completely new WordPress theme to replace the previous (horribly slow) Avada / Fusion core implementation.

I have created several WordPress themes from scratch, including that used on the site, a similar arrangement for Parker’s Heraldic dictionary and a more contemporary theme for a charity, the Mary Gordon Trust.

Graphic Design

In addition to website design I can turn my hand to other areas if necessary.

drawshield-fontAs part of the DrawShield iOS development I created a font for use in heraldry programs or documents.

And here are a couple of poster designs for a recent event that I created in Autodesk Graphic.

3D Graphics

In addition to the graphical images that you can find on my gallery page, I have also created some of my own node based textures, including this rather nice, and very flexible tile pattern. (This is a completely procedural texture not based on a photograph).