Art Gallery

I am not a great artist, but I enjoy what I do. I haven’t quite found a preferred medium yet, and dabble in quite a few, and I would like to share some of the “best” with you here.


This is something that I would like to work on more in the future as I love the Steampunk visual style. Just for starters here are a few simple luggage labels and a couple of other bits…

Line Drawings

Mostly using Copic Multiliner Technical Pens in various widths.

Manga Backgrounds

I like the simple accuracy of Manga, clean lines with realistic perspective; especially scenic backgrounds. Most these started life as pencil and ink outlines on cartridge paper, which were then scanned and coloured in Smith Micro’s Clip Studio Pro (previously Manga Studio).

Manga People

Realistic people are much harder! These all started life as photographs, (or screenshots from some Studio Ghibli films that you might recognise). I then hand draw with pen lines and scan into Clip Studio Pro, or hand colour with colouring pens.

Computer Generated Imagery

As with my hand drawn art, I have dabbled in various packages, although when I do get the time I am concentrating on Blender. Some examples of how I got here are shown below. They were variously created in Bryce, POVray and Blender.

Architecture Sketches

I like sketching and colouring buildings, as they generally have straight lines and don’t move!