There are many things that interest me. Some of them I write about here. You might find them interesting too. Or not. Whatever.

About Me

I'm Karl Wilcox. My personality type is whatever the opposite of "Completer / Finisher" is - I have lots of ideas, start lots of projects but rarely finish them. There's always something (possibly) more interesting coming along soon!

Educator, Software Developer and Creater of

DrawShield has been developed over 10 years to become the leading Heraldry creation website. Learn blazonry, create and share coats of arms, consult heraldry reference works and more!

Create from a Blazon

Blazonry is a formal language to describe heraldic coats of arms. You can create images just by entering a blazon into the create page.

Build From Parts

Unfamiliar with blazonry? Create a shield by picking from a menu of parts, colours and placements.

View the Gallery

Get some inspiration from almost 10,000 entries in the gallery, showing both images and their blazons.

Consult a Reference

You can look up terms in either Parker's or Elvin's Heraldic Dictionaries, or view the Book of Public Arms

Set a Preference

It isn't just shields that can be drawn, try your hand at flags, stamps or even a Warhammer Pauldron!

I'd like to be good at art

But so far have demonstrated mediocrity in a wide variety of media. Check out some of the results below

Other Projects

If I had paid attention in electronics class back in the 1980s what could I have built using parts available then?

Z80 Computer

Z80 Computer

Design and Build From Scratch

Can I bring my Lego Creator Buildings to life and pretend that I live in the big city?

Lego Creator Buildings

Lego Creator Buildings

Lights! Movement! Sounds!

Can we create Arduino software to allow its hardware configuration and operation to be defined in the non-volatile RAM?

Arduino Monitor

Arduino Monitor

Arduino Configuration in NVRAM

What Else Can I do?

You do NOT want me on your "Capture the Flag" team, but I could make a decent contribution if there was a Science Fiction Space Opera trivia quiz. I can speed build Lego kits but prefer to take my time. I write computer programs even if it isn't part of my job. I saw Marillion before they were famous. I have given away all my CDs, DVDs and paperbacks and live a largely digital life. I don't smoke, drink or eat meat. I am not fun at barbeques.

Skill Set

Juggling 3 Things
Juggling 4 Things
Driving & Flying Simulations
First Person Shooters
Reading something at any opportunity

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