During the 1980’s I worked for various members of the Chase Group of Companies that were originally based in St. Leonards House, near the railway station in Mortlake, South London.

That is so long ago that the products I worked on are now regarded as “vintage computing”!

As a service to collectors and anyone interested in vintage computing I am making available some of the material that I have kept from those days, and also seeking anything else that can be usefully added to the archive – if you have any documentation, stories, or even hardware please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please note – the text and photographs on these pages are my own; I make no claim about the copyright of any other material. Please get in touch if you consider yourself a copyright owner.

All trademarks are the property of their registered owners.

I’m collecting reminisences and photos of Chase Research history here.

I have information on the following devices:

The Chase Systems 68186 Unix Computer

The Chase Electrics GPR40 / Will’Tek 8100 Radio Receiver

The Chase Research AT4/8/16 terminal concentrators

The Chase Research PS4/8/16 terminal concentrators

The Chase Research IOPro

The Chase Research IOLAN terminal concentrator

In addition, I have the first edition of the “Chase I.T.” Newsletter, a thinly disguised marketing flyer for distribution at exhibitions.

    Do you have information about the vintage computing products featured here?