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“Motherland”, Season 3 – Brilliant and so true to life! Could only have been written by actual mothers…
“Jam Tomorrow Podcast”, Season 1 – absolutely fascinating, great production quality and writing, recommended to anyone interested in modern British History
“Last Bus to Woodstock”, Colin Dexter – starting a Morse re-read. Interestingly dated in attitudes and technology, a simple text message would have wiped out the entire story.
“Welcome to Chippendales”, all new to me, fascinating story, well told; couldn’t help noticing similarity between the main character here and his counterpart in “The Dropout”.
“A Lesson in Dying”, Anne Cleeves – one of the earlier works, you get little to no sense of the main character who seems quite peripheral; but clearly necessary practice before creating Perez and Vera!
“Midshipman’s Hope”, David Feintuch – An obvious homage to both Hornblower and Heinlein. Cheap and trashy but made me stand straighter, chest out, stomach in, I loved this and would read it all over again, a great comfort read.
“Shotgun Wedding”, daft but fun harmless popcorn movie lifted above the ordinary by Jennifer Coolidge and Lennie Kravitz(!)

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