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(Latest update 16th March)

“Last Seen Wearing”, Colin Dexter – Oxford and all the people in it (except Lewis) are much seedier than the TV show. This one had fan annoying number of red herrings but got their in the end. (Skipping “The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn” as this was the most recently read.)
“Challenger’s Hope”, David Feintuch (Seafort saga 2) – the bad guys are irredeemably bad, the good guys have enormous sticks up their arse and women are just baby factories but it still made me cry.
“Father Stu”, interesting story, well acted but accent was almost untelligible (and nothing like the real priest, according to the clips at the end!)
“Your Place or Mine”, unlikely premise but fun movie, albeit about rich privileged people. Everything everywhere was so clean!
“The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” – Surprisingly fun romp, Nick Cage takes the piss, Pedro Pascal was great.

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