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“Slow Horses” Season 2 – still faithful to the books, brilliantly acted, complex and satisfying, would recommend!
“The Murders at Fleat House”, Lucinda Riley – competent police procedural, slightly thin characters but enjoyable enough.
“The Keeper of Lost Causes”, Jussi Osser-Adler – great story, well told, just a bit too graphic in some of the scenes with Merette.
“The White Lotus”, Season 2, Clever slow burner where anything could have happened even after 5 episodes. More happier endings that season 1!
“Love, Death and Robots”, Season 1 – innovative, clever, good choice of stories, those too violent can drag a bit (e.g. “The Other War”) but “Beyond the Aquila Rift” was excellent.
“Bank of Dave” – Corny, simplistic, emotionally manipulative, I absolutely loved this!
“Lady Chatterly’s Lover” (2022) – nicely done, believable and well acted. enjoyed this.
“Cosmonaut Keep”, Ken Macleod – A re-read before embarking on the whole season. A pleasant, low stakes read that sets up things in an interesting way.
“Blue Lightning”, Anne Cleeves – filling in a gap in the series after an accidental spoiler. Good story, real lack of care there Perez, you should feel bad!

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