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(Latest update 28th July)

“Lego – The Builder’s Journey”, Fun little game, Monument Valley in bricks.
“The Sparrow Academy”, Season 3 – Dark, sweet, with overlong finale but still fantastic entertainment.
“King Richard”, portrait of a stubborn man, and talented daughters, surprisingly gripping
“A History of Britain – Volume 1”, – Simon Schama. A great turn of phrase used to good effect on a complicated history
“Eversion”, Alasdair Reynolds – The Emergency Medical Hologram meets Cloud Atlas in a fun romp.
“Children of Dune”, Frank Herbert. 1500 pages so far and still deep and engrossing.
“Murder in my Backyard”, Ann Cleeves – One of the older stories but still has the style and human interest of Vera and Shetland
“House of Gucci” – fascinating but ultimately rather sad tale of everyday rich Italian folk
“BYTE Magazine”, 1980 January to June – You might think I’m a bit late to the party here but these are really interesting AND still relevant to vintage circuit builders
“Stonemouth”, Iain Banks – a huge loss to literature leaves us with another tale of everyday Scotish gangster families that is enjoyable, even if it does leave some loose ends.

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