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I realise that I have rather restricted myself in the “culture consumed” postings so far by only listing those things I’ve actually finished (or at least given up on). That precludes quite a lot of culture that I consumed on a regular, ongoing basis.

Hence, just for completeness here are the magazines that I read most issues of. (This may seem like a lot, but I use the Readly app, which I consider fantastic value for money! I do however also pay for my Economist suscription).

Read Most of Every Issue

  • The Economist (*)
  • PC Pro
  • Rail
  • Air International
  • Modern Railways
  • Aviation News
  • British Railway Modelling
  • Hornby Magazine
  • Shipping
  • Rail Express
  • Model Rail
  • Railways Illustrated
  • Flying
  • Plane & Pilot
  • Ships Monthly

(*) I’m aware that the Economist describes itself as a newspaper but it looks more like a magazine to me…

Read Some Articles

  • Linux Magazine
  • The MagPi
  • Linux Format
  • Mac Format
  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Wireframe
  • Hackspace
  • 3D World
  • Mac World
  • Airforces
  • Buses
  • Classic Military Vehicles
  • PC Pilot
  • Miniature Wargames
  • Airliner World
  • Wallpaper
  • Combat Aircraft
  • Making Games
  • Edge

I Like to Look at the Pictures

  • Schiffs Modell
  • ModellFan
  • ModellWerft
  • Rad & Kette
  • Aeroplane
  • Topos
  • Marklin Magazine
  • Blocks
  • Modell Panorama
  • Traction
  • Garten Bahnen
  • Modern Locomotives Illustrated

Woah! There are a *lot* of magazines in Germany dedicated to modelling of all kinds… I would really like to be able to read them too, just wish I was better at languages.

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