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“The Light of Impossible Stars “, Gareth L. Powell – enjoyable romp, Nod the engineer was may favourite…
“Jack Four”, Neal Asher – good story but the body count and descriptions of violence get a bit tedious
“Trust”, Chris Hammer – by far the weakest of the trilogy, the protagonist has no agency, the other characters tell him the plot!
“Elder Race”, Adrian Tchaikovsky – clever, well written, no padding, just as long as it needs to be!
“Shards of Earth”, Adrian Tchaikovsky – excellent, intricate space opera
“Anatomy of a Scandal” – compelling drama but hard to tell the young characters apart
“Slough House”, Mick Herron – annoyingly incomplete but all the favourite parts are there
“Amongst Our Weapons” , Ben Aaronovitch – an ever enlarging canvas, but I miss the intimacy of the earlier books
“Turning Red”, passably entertaining, less for the adults than usual for Pixar

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