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(Latest update 15th August)

“Persuasion (2022)” – initially escapist fun but by two hours I was screaming for the protagonists to get it together
“BYTE Magazine”, 1980 July to December – Some interesting names from history wrote articles for Byte, who knew?
“Luck” (Apple TV+), Visually reminscent of “Robots” but tries too hard to be cute and meaningful so the story was a bit strained I feel.
“Thirteen Lives” – incredible story, outstanding movie!
“God Emperor of Dune”, Frank Herbert. Starting to get a little Dune fatigue, especially with Leto II spending the whole book being a bit of a d*ck…
“The Sandman” (Netflix), faithful to the original, perfectly cast, astounding show. Tempted to immediately watch it all over again.
“The Quarry”, Iain Banks – Can’t really help feeling this went nowhere and was a (possibly justified) rant against the world. Good audio performance though and Kit was well realised.
“Halo Infinite” (ABANDONED) – finally admitted I can’t even get through the training level; and that 99GB of disk space would be better used for something else.N/A
“The Lord of the Rings”, J.R.R Tolkein, alongside “LotR A Reader’s Companion”, W.G. Hammond, C. Schull” – The companion added much to what is always an enjoyable and still moving re-read.
“Opal Country”, Chris Hammer – a complex tale with flawed, realistic characters absolutely oozing with atmosphere. Back on form.

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