I have a large collection of Lego creator City buildings and would like to add lights, sound and movement to them, all controlled by a computer to have changing effects and styles throughout the day. As I work on this project l will be posting my progress on the blog. On this page you will find a consolidated list of all the posts.

  • Power Distribution For the City Bus

    Just a follow up on the idea for connecting the Lego City bus lights with TTL outputs. My design in the previous post does work,… ( Read More )

  • All Aboard the City Bus!

    Aims To develop a “proof of concept” for the Raspberry Pi 400 Lego City controller by adding lights to the Lego City bus! We should… ( Read More )

  • Technical Architecture

    Lego City Aims So I’m looking to bring the city to life – not just static lights but an ever-changing panaroma; and not just randomly,… ( Read More )