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“Lightyear” – Too long, dragged in the middle but gets better eventually, Sox was great!
“Toy Story 4” – A film I was actually in ignorance of, and was happier that way. Easy to lose track of the plot and they forgot to make it funny but great animation.
“We Begin at the End”, Chris Whitaker (Prime reading) – hauntingly beautiful writing with agonising secrets behind every character
“Broadland”, David Blake, workman-like police procedural but the ‘romance’ between the lead characters was just cringey.
“Star Trek – Lower Decks (Season 1)” – Enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would (but needed the subtitles as they talk so fast!)
“The Life of an MP”, Jess Philips – engaging, entertaining but still not convinced I want to get involved in politics
“The Dropout” – Astonishing tale, convincingly acted and totally gripping.
“Central Station”, Lavie Tidhar – beautifully written and atmospheric but ultimately a bit disappointing with no real narrative arc.
“Bad Blood”, John Carreyrou – the real story is even more complicated than the TV and the extra detail makes it a worthwhile read.
“Unlawful Killing”, Her Honour Wendy Joseph QC – a very important book, an insightful, compassionate look at the role of a High Court judge and our judicial system in general. Crying out for a second volume. Should be more widely read.

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