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“Star Trek – Lower Decks (Season 2)” – Really liking this – a show with real heart that pokes gentle but reverent fun at its source material while telling its own stories.
“Five Days at Memorial” – Clever, harrowing TV that gave all views equal strength. Maybe an episode too long since I almost gave up after the first 4…
“The Cult of We – WeWork and the Great Start-Up Delusion”, Eliot Brown & Maureen Farrell – Interesting and well written cautionary tale that we will probably relive all over again.
“Star Trek – Lower Decks (Season 3)” – Apart from the annoying episode with Peanut Hamper this season was top notch and the finale was genuinely exciting pulling all the threads together!
“The Hidden Beach”, Karen Swan – slightly fantastical premise but once beyond a fun read in a convincing Swedish setting.
“The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation”, Frank O’Brien – Great! Lots of detail, interesting facts, just wanted to see a few more actual code samples.

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