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“Bad Sisters” (eps 1-5 & 10) -Obviously made with the full cooperation of the Irish Tourist board and much too long but a clever premise, well acted.
“The Lost City” – Delightfully silly film that doesn’t take itself remotely seriously and everyone clearly had a great time making.
“Andor” – Dark and beautifully realised but I was expecting the story to go further. Awaiting the next season!
“The Furthest Station”, Ben Aaronovtch – always happy to hear more about Abigail and a nice, low level tale of supernatural police procedure.
“The Paris Secret”, Karen Swan – Always reliable, complex story but rewarding in the end. What’s not to like?
“Belfast” – Surprisingly charming, moving and brilliantly acted film.
“Dead Man’s Creek”, Chris Hammer – so it turns out that a major character from the previous book has a family with a really complicated back story! And they cross paths with the secret agent from the early books! Accept that and it’s great.
“The October Man”, Ben Aaronovitch. Loved this and want more magical tales from Germany! The London series are getting top heavy with characters and lore that is becomong burdensome. This was leaner and better for it.

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