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“French Exit” – good concept with funny and unexpectedm moments but far too long on the atmospheric lingering shots
“The Weekend Away” – Poorly acted harmless fun
“The Memory Garden”, Rachel Hore – nice story without serious peril!
“Ted Lasso”, season two – meandering plot with padding, unconvincing ending but passable
“Far: Changing Tides” – beautiful, clever puzzler with satisfying mechanics, enjoyed!
“The Adam Project” – fun movie but tedious and unnecessary action scenes
“OMNO” (abandoned) – satisfying puzzles but the solutions needed stupidly accurate button-mashing that my arthritic fingers just couldn’t do!
“The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” – fast paced fun and funny but leave your credibility at home.
“Shards of Earth”, Adrian Tchaikovsky – took a while to get into but has interesting characters and (eventually) got to a good setup for the next in series.
“Wolf Like Me” – simple story, pleasingly told
“Our Ladies” – slightly aimless but entertaining, not a great advertisement for Scottish men
“The Orville”, season two – some fun episodes but hated the two-parter (I don’t watch the Orville for endless CGI space battles) but the finale was good

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