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“Elvis” – Interesting story, annoying in-your-face editing, too much mumbling. But it has inspired me to read an Elvis biography…
“What Abigail Did That Summer”, Ben Aaronovitch. Liked this one too, nice and tightly focussed, foxes rule!
“Heretics of Dune”, Frank Herbert. Drawn back to the Duniverse but a bit hard-going, slow story lots of talking
“Night Sky” Season 1 – should have checked that season 2 hadn’t been canned before I started. Slow going at times but a fun and touching watch.
“Why We Get the Wrong Politicians”, Isabel Hardman, interesting, frustrating, well written, still want to keep away from politics!
“The Idea Factory – Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation”, Jon Gertner – would have preferred more science and less personality but that’s just me… A great read, and thought provoking, recommended.
“Reconstructing Amelia”, Kimberley McCreight – Enjoyed this, although the final reveal was slightly too much of a coincidence but the plotting and story structure was intriguing.
“The Phantom of the Open”, tour-def-force acting by Mark Rylance in a enjoyable caper – the sort of movie that seems to be coming something of a British cinema staple.
“The Duke” – great fun, clever cinematography and an BAFTA worthy performance from Jim Broadbent.

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