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“Panic Room”, Robert Goddard – OK, but abit unconvincing
“The Orville”, Season one – great to see some sci-fi with humour and heart! Some stories a bit weak.
“Being The Ricardos” – enjoyed but hard to follow at times
“Beyond the Hallowed Sky”, Ken MacLeod – interesting premise, but narrative took a while to grab me
“For All Mankind”, Season two – Nooo! Our favourite charaters… how could they?
“Greyhound”, – well acted, tense but the radio taunting was just daft.
“Ancestral Night”, Elizabeth Bear – solid space opera but not a page-turner
“Finch” – better than average post apocalytpic movie, made you cry for the robot
“The Power of the Dog” – Clever, and absorbing discussion provoking film
“Unpacking” – Enjoyed this, surprinsingly fulfilling but sometimes had to recognise objects
“Red Notice” – fun, silly, pretty to watch, what’s not to like?