In my lifetime I have read over a thousand books and watched hundreds of films and TV shows. Some of them I even remember!

To help with my memory since the start of 2022 I’ve been recording the culture that I have consumed. I tend to have lots of books “in progress” at any one time (usually all from different genres) so I set myself the rule that something can only appear in my “Culture Consumed” section only if I have either finished it or abandoned it, never to return.

I’m posting a monthly update in the blog pages. The most recent postings can be found here.

  • August 2022 – Culture Consumed

    (Latest update 15th August) Media Title Rating “Persuasion (2022)” – initially escapist fun but by two hours I was screaming for the protagonists to get… ( Read More )

  • July 2022 Culture Consumed

    (Latest update 28th July) Media Title Rating “Lego – The Builder’s Journey”, Fun little game, Monument Valley in bricks. “The Sparrow Academy”, Season 3 –… ( Read More )

  • Continuous Culture – Magazines

    I realise that I have rather restricted myself in the “culture consumed” postings so far by only listing those things I’ve actually finished (or at… ( Read More )

  • June 2022 Culture Consumed

    Media Title Rating “Exo One “, (Abandoned) – loved the game mechanics and the visuals, would have liked to explore more but the level with… ( Read More )

  • May 2022 Culture Consumed

    Media Title Rating “The Light of Impossible Stars “, Gareth L. Powell – enjoyable romp, Nod the engineer was may favourite… “Jack Four”, Neal Asher… ( Read More )

  • April 2022 Culture Consumed

    Media Title Rating “Encanto” – super colourful but surprisingly simple story with extra kudos for the cloth dynamics, Pixar! “The Eyes of Tammy Fay” –… ( Read More )