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“Encanto” – super colourful but surprisingly simple story with extra kudos for the cloth dynamics, Pixar!
“The Eyes of Tammy Fay” – Well acted, intriguing story
“A Short History of Europe”, Simon Jenkins – well written engaging history but ultimately rather sad.
“Spencer” – a tour-de-force of the film making arts but not actually great entertainment
“A Memoire Blue” – strangely beautiful, beautifully strange.
“Death on the Nile” (2022) – beautifully filmed, intricately plotted and quite fun
“Silver”, Chris Hammer – slow start but cleverly plotted, satisfying ending.
“Severance” , Season 1 – intriguing and stylish, builds to an exciting climax
“Pieces of Her”, totally unconvincing location(!), complex but enjoyable

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