Passant: a word used to express the position of a beast walking past, most frequently applied to the Lion, q.v. If gardant be not added, his head musk look straight before him.

Counter passant, or repassant: passant towards the sinister.

Passant counter passant, or Passant repassant: is used of two animals passing each other in contrary directions. The beast passing towards the sinister, should be in front.

Passant applied to the Cross(see under Banner) is thought to be equivalent to throughout, but probably means rather over all.

Walter de BERG, eskartile dargent et de goules a une croyz de goules passant–Roll, temp. HEN. III.

Baudewin de FRIVILLE, de veyr a une croyz passant de goules–Ibid.

Le roy de CHIPRE, de vert besanté de goules a un croyz dor passant–Ib.

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