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My intention has been to leave the actual content of Parker’s work untouched but to make it easier to navigate and find entries. Simple changes were made by global search and replace, more complex changes by PHP scripts and a small number of changes edited by hand. The complete set of changes are as follows:

Front Page – Jim Trigg’s version had links to "Derived Objects", all of which were broken, so I removed them.

The original (extremely large) pages were broken up into individual entries and additional navigational links added.

The original "GALLERY" was a set of thumbnail pages ordered by filename, I have replaced it with a "LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS" sorted alphabetically by caption.

All GIF files were converted to 8 bit PNG files

Deprecated and non-standard html attributes were removed. Specifically:

Also, all multi-byte accented characters were replaced by XHTML entities. This was because I populated the WordPress pages using xmlrpc and somewhere in the transfer mutli-byte characters were being corrupted, despite the appropriate character set being indicated. There is a WordPress bug report about xmlrpc character handling which may be the cause

Where I have made very minor changes to the content or to the html I have noted this in the comments for that page.

A Note on the "Cross" Entry

The cross entry was over 10,000 words and included 35 numbered sections, followed by an index to terms used in the entry. Instead of one long entry I have created a "Cross" top level entry that includes the introductory paragraph and the original index, then 35 separate entries, one for each numbered section. Most links point to the top level entry, I am in the process of refining these to point to a sub-entry if appropriate.

A Note on Entry Ordering

The original version of Parkers I assume was a reasonable facsimile of the print version. This has entry orderings such as Barre, Barrel, Barry, Barberry , later followed by Barrow, Barrulet, Barry (see under Bar), and several other examples. Ordering in this version is determined by a PHP array defined in a template file called entries.php, which at the moment is strictly alphabetical (i.e. character code order), so the first few entries are A, A-la-quise, Abacot. Entries can be reorded by editing this file as required. What do folks think? It is always possible to jump to a specific entry anyway, using the Jump to Entry form.


First of all I must pay my thanks to "Saitou" and Jim Trigg – without their excellent and consistent html code my global edit and replaces would have been much more error prone!

The WordPress theme is based on the theme BLANK by Chris Coyier.

The image of the book pages is based on an example from a Photoshop tutorial by Caitlin Downing.

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