Index of Names

Abank – Aprice

Apulby – Barton

Bartlett – Blanc

Blancfront – Breton

Bretoron – Burman

Calvert – Clements Inn

Clench – Crownall

Croxton – Dolfingyon

Dolfinley – Eyre

Fairfax – Gardiner

Garenne – Gunsmiths’ Cmpny.

Guothart – Heygeys

Heynes – Jauche

Jay – Laue

Launceston – Mace

Macgregor – Milton

Milveton – Oare

O’Cahane – Piketon

Pikeworth – Richmond

Richmond, Abbey – Scott

Scriveners’ Company – Starkey

Starr – Timporin

Tin-plate workers’ – Vinicombe

Vintners’ Company – Wolrich

Wolsay – Zuleistein

One Response

  1. Frans Rekem says:

    Dear Sirs, “Argent a lion rampant per fess sable and gules” entered in Blazon Sccatchpad produces wrong arms, the lion should only be partioned once.
    Maybe a programming error ?
    Frans Rekem
    ******** Thanks for getging on touch Frans, this is a problem with pattern fills in SVG. The new version of Drawshield (currently in development) will use masks, which should fix the problem.

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