Other Stuff

Here you will find a fairly random collection of other things that I have worked that may be of interest or help to someone.

3D Graphics

I would really like to spend more time creating 3D graphics but somehow haven’t been able to recently. Even, so here are a collection of my earlier efforts and possibly useful things for anyone interested.

Open University Students

Sometimes I produce material for my Open University students which is too large for the space available on the course forums. In that case I make it available here for easy access. It also includes archived material from previous courses but note that courses are frequently updated and this material rapidly goes out of date. Also, I tend to recycle my jokes so if you watch old presentations you will not enjoy the current ones so much!

Examination Timer

Another of my roles is to act as an examination invigilator. Timing of exams can become quite complex so I wrote a simple, Javascript based exam timer web page to help with timings. Schools and other institutions may find it useful. It can either be used in private by the senior invigilator or projected onto a screen visible to students.

Art Gallery

Despite my limited talents, my vanity insists that I display some more examples of my artwork, in addition to the examples that you will find randomly scattered through these pages.

Sketch of the Disneyland Hotel, Paris