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  • ...know by clicking on "G+1" or one of the other share buttons in the sidebar to the left. ==How To Use The Site==
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  • ...tial in the order in which they are uploaded. (Additional contributors may be given starting numbers in a higher range - if this becomes unwieldy we may The shield page will be named after the acquisition number. It is expected that most searches will
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  • All images should be between 500 - 800 pixels on their longest side. ...Description of Item'''. Save the page and click on the newly created link to create the page.
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  • ...this section is to provide some materials that can be printed out and used to navigate a self guided tour through the Cathedral highlighting some of the
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  • ...n the south east of the Minster Yard. Assumed to be that of BOCKINGTON due to the presence of [[holc-0004|a nearby, painted example]]. ...ked''' or roughened<ref>{{Refto|1=sutton|2=66}}</ref> background, intended to heighten the contrast with the charge.
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  • Ledger stone, near to that of her husband, [[hobj-0013|Charles Reynolds]] in the floor of the mai This appears to be a variant of REYNOLDS impaled with a lion within a border semy de mullets,
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  • Usually on an impaled shield everything in each coat of arms is rearranged to fit into its own half. As can be seen from the rendering, as of version 2.4a, Drawshield cannot bordures ver
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  • * [[:Category:Problem Blazon]] - Entries that need to have the blazon determined * [[:Category:Unknown]] - Entries for which the owner of the shield needs to be determined
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  • ...esented by categories. (It is possible that in a future version these will be replaced by true Semantic Mediawiki properties). All items '''must''' have the following properties (i.e. be members of the following categories and super-categories):
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  • Rightmost of three shields on a building near the entrance to Vicar's Court. Blazon: See below. (The drawshield rendering uses a different blazon to get same layout)
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  • ...suspended ceiling, so the stained glass heraldry in the windows above must be viewed from [[hloc-0134|the south west of the Nave]].
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  • ...y be used without passing the entry desk so is available for those wishing to pray without paying an entrance fee. It forms the North West corner of the
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  • ...hapter House]], the large circular stained glass on the west wall can also be seen from the [[hloc-0102|Cloister Court]]. South - There is a small door which leads to the outside ([[hloc-0504|Minster Green]]), but this is not normally open.
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  • the [[hloc-0109|Angel Choir]], it is not well served by windows and can be quite dark in places.
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  • ...better lit corridor than its counterpart on the south side, it also tends to a bit busier as it is the natural route between the [[hloc-0131|Nave]], [[h ...[[hloc-0104|Treasury]] (the floor plan is a bit out of date here as access to the Treasury is from the Choir Aisle, not the Transept, as shown)
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  • ...hedral's collection of silverware, but be aware that it is not always open to the public. East - N/A (The floorplan suggests that there is access to North East Transept in this direction, this may have been the case at one t
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  • of Privy Seal to Edward III. ; translated to Lichfield, 1397; retired to monastery of Christ Church at Canterburv ; d. 1398. This may be a manuscript by the same person.
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  • ...eing this part of the building to advantage. An excellent general view may be had from the south-east, in the direction of Pottergate.''<ref>{{refto|kend ...he aisle windows are shams ; there is nothing behind them, and they appear to have been only designed for the sake of effect. The northern gable is highe
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  • ...for two hours is available on the south side, although I would prefer you to leave at least one space free as this is my preferred parking area. Thank y North - Sometimes the Cathedral may be entered via the [[hloc-0130|Galilee Porch]]
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  • ...nd Grosvenor eventually took '''Azure a garb or'''. Justice did not appear to move any more swiftly in the 14th century than it does today!
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