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OwnerSee of LINCOLN
FormShield Only
LocationNorth Choir Aisle
ObjectShield of See of LINCOLN
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Tapestry of See of LINCOLN



Detail of a wall hanging tapestry showing the shield of the See of LINCOLN

Heraldry Notes

For blazon, see below.

Object - Tapestry, England and See of Lincoln

Close up of Object

A tapestry on the wall above the entrance to the room currently used to display items from the Treasury, on the north wall of the North Choir Aisle.

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General View of Location

Location - North Choir Aisle

This seems to be a better lit corridor than its counterpart on the south side, it also tends to a bit busier as it is the natural route between the Nave, St. Hugh's Choir and the Cloister Court (for the library and the cafe).

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Owner - See of LINCOLN

A 'See' is an administrative area overseen by a Bishop. The See has its own arms, distinct from any personally held by the Bishop at the time.

Lincoln, See of. Gu. two lions pass, guard, or, on a chief az. the Holy Virgin and Child sitting crowned and bearing a sceptre of the second.[1]

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  1. "The General Armory of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales", Sir Bernard Burke, Harrison, London, 1884, P. 609