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OwnerSee of LINCOLN
MaterialPainted Bas Relief
LocationSt. Peter and Paul Chapel
ObjectTomb of Bishop GROSSETESTE
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Arms of Bishop GROSSETESTE



Painted details on the achievement of arms of Bishop Robert Grosseteste.


"See of Lincoln" impaled with argent a cross fourche pierced sable

Confirm ownership of arms please

Object - Tomb of Bishop GROSSETESTE

Close up of Object

Raised tomb slab, often surrounded by large candle holders.

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General View of Location

Location - St. Peter and St. Paul Chapel

This sunny chapel is also known as the Educators Chapel (or is it?)

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Owner - See of LINCOLN

A 'See' is an administrative area overseen by a Bishop. The See has its own arms, distinct from any personally held by the Bishop at the time.

Lincoln, See of. Gu. two lions pass, guard, or, on a chief az. the Holy Virgin and Child sitting crowned and bearing a sceptre of the second.[1]

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Owner - Bishop GROSSETESTE

Robert Grosseteste (1175 - 9 October 1253) was Bishop of Lincoln and has a University College in Lincoln named after him. He made significant contributions to the development of scientific thought[2].

I am assuming that his arms are argent a cross fourche pierced sable, although I do not have a documentary source to confirm this.

File:Bishop Robert Grosseteste, 1896 (800x600crop).jpg
detail of a window on the South transept Westernmost. St Paul's Parish Church, Morton, Near Gainsborough (from Wikimedia Commons)

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