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Ordering By Categories

The complete set of categories is as follows. Note that shields may appear more than once in each category.

  • By Location - Shows a floor plan, lists heraldry items by named areas
  • By Material - Lists heraldry items grouped by the material they are made from
  • By Family Name or Owner - Alphabetical list by surname or organisation name
  • By Reference Number - The order in which the item was entered into the database
  • By Object Type - Grouped by the type of object the heraldry item is part of
  • By Form - Grouped by the form of heraldry (Just the shield, hatchment or full coat of arms)

Problem and Warnings Categories

  • Category:Problem Blazon - Entries that need to have the blazon determined
  • Category:Unknown - Entries for which the owner of the shield needs to be determined
  • Category:Translation - Objects which include some inscription or wording that needs translation (usually from Latin to English)
  • Category:Incomplete - Entries for which the author has additional information which has not be entered yet