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Object - Chapter House Window W4-L2

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This is the eighth window from the left. According to information on some wooden "bats" provided by the cathedral, the scenes and shields depicted are (from top to bottom):

The following information appears on wooden "bat" in the Chapter House, explaining the organisation of the Heraldry in the windows.


Chapter House Windows

The scenes of various important incidents in the history
of the Cathedral are interspersed with coats-of-arms. 
These shields are read from top to bottom, window by window,
light by light. The pattern is similar in each light:

a. Royal coat-of-arms
b. A scene
c. Royal coat-of-arms
d. A scene
e. Coat-of-arms of selected bishops of Lincoln, in
   chronological order, roughly within the era of
   their bishopric
f. A scene
g. Coat-of-arms associated with the person the window honours

Although pattern of each window is stanardised, the lights of
windows 1--5 differ from 6--9 in that the sequence of the
succession of the monarchs varies:-

Windows 1--5              L1        L2
                           a   ->    a
                           c   ->    c
Windows 6--9              L1        L2				
                           a         a
                           |    ^    |
                           v   /     v
                           c         c
The Royal Arms cover every sovereign from King William I to
King William IV but, in general they are arms of that
sovereign's spouse, thus avoiding repetition of the same
shield, e.g. William I, William II, and Henry I all used 
the same arms. By impaling the arms of the monarch with 
those of the spouse the identify of the monarch is beyond

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Heraldry Items

The following heraldic items are part of this object: