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This website has no official connection with the Lincoln Cathedral authorities, it is a private project by the author, Karl R. Wilcox.

Copyright Statement

The following applies to all content in this website:

  • Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyright 2012, 2013 Karl R. Wilcox.
  • All images were taken in the public areas of the Cathedral, or from Public Open Space or Public Roads.
  • Except for referenced quotations, all text is copyright 2012, 2013 Karl R. Wilcox.
  • I have tried to reference all sources of information correctly, if you believe that I have not do so please contact me.
  • Any errors, mis-attributions or misstatements are mine, not those of the original source material.
  • I have no Heraldic authority, the attribution of Arms to a particular Family or Organisation has no legal weight and infers and implies no benefits or rights to those Families or Organisations.