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This page contains clickable maps of all the cathedral locations, in addition at the end of the page is a list of all the locations in alphabetical order.

Interior Locations

The plan diagram is based on that from Bill Thayer's University of Chicago website and originally from the Handbook to the Cathedrals of England, by Richard John King published by John Murray, Albemarle Street, Oxford, 1862. The location names are taken from [1].

Note that on this map, and all smaller maps of the cathedral interior North is to the Left.

Chapter HouseLibraryCloister CourtNorth East TranseptTreasuryNorth Choir AisleSaint Hughs ChoirSanctuarySouth Choir AisleAngel ChoirFleming ChantryRussell ChantryJudgement PorchLongland ChantrySts Peter and Paul ChapelSong SchoolSouth East TranseptAirmans ChapelSeamans ChapelSoldiers ChapelWorks ChantryGuilds ChapelWomen ChapelNorth West TranseptSouth West TranseptVergers VestryVestryChapter House VestibuleKitchen  FlowersBoys VestryGalilee PorchNave (North East)Nave (South East)Nave (North West)Nave (South West)Morning ChapelConsistory CourtRingers ChapelNorth VestibuleSouth VestibuleMain EntrancePlan of cathedral interior labelled with locations
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Exterior Locations

This plan was drawn by Karl Wilcox using Inkscape and the Gimp. It is based on the map of the Cathedral Close in[1], and Google Maps. North is towards the top.

Minster Yard (West)EastgatePriorygateTennyson GreenMinster Yard (South)Minster Yard (South East)Minster GreenMinster Yard EastPlan of cathedral exterior labelled with locations
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Alphabetical List