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Firstly, my heartfelt thanks go to all those through the centuries who have designed, built, used and cared for the beautiful building that we can still enjoy today.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to all those who have freely given their time, knowledge and skills to assist me with the Drawshield suite of programs.



This website is hosted by UKHosts4U ( and is powered by Wikimedia software ( I have used the Wikimedia extensions Cite, UploadLocal, Parser Functions, variables, Lingo and probably the most useful of all - DPL (Display Page List).


Chrome is my browser of choice, Free Commander ( takes care of my local file organisation and FTP uploads. Simple image manipulation (cropping, resizing, rotation) is handled by the Faststone Image Viewer (, while more complex operations like perspective correction are done using The Gimp (

Most wide interior shots, stained glass and some shots are High Dynamic Range (HDR) composites of three bracketed exposures; combined using either the HDR plug-in for the GIMP (mostly the stained glass shots) or Photomatix Essentials (all other interior shots, especially those that required the removal of "ghosts"[1]).


A few of the earlier dated photographs were taken with a Sony DCS-W100 digital camera, all images after January 2012 are taken with a Samsung NX-10 Compact System Camera with either the 18-55mm or the 50-200mm lenses. Interior shots are all taken with a tripod and remote release. Due to space limitations with my web hosting package, all the images currently on the system are low resolution, suitable for on-line viewing only; however almost all shots are available as full size fine JPEG images and Samsung RAW files. Please get in touch if you would like a higher resolution version of any image.

  1. By which I mean people or things that move between shots, not supernatural beings appearing in shot